Kern River Fly Fishing Report November 21, 2020 – Quick report from the Professional Guides that are on the Kern River Everyday!

Come by the shop and get your fly fishing supplies! We are open! We ask that you wear a mask please! You can also stop by our new vending machine and get flies and other terminal tackle when the shop is closed or crowded.

For those of you searching for stockers, fishing in the 20 Mile Section is excellent with the recent stocking from the DFW this week. 2 truck loads of hatchery fish from the Fresno hatchery were put in Tuesday and Wednesday this week in the 20 mile section.

Fire Restrictions were lifted last week in the Inyo and Sequoia National Forest and some roads have been opened. Check with the local ranger district office for more information. The wild trout section is open and has been open since they opened the river in September!

Last summer the DFW stocked some Golden trout in the 20 Mile Section and one of our clients caught one yesterday on 11-20-20.

All the guides have been doing excellent with their clients. We are seeing a good hatch around 2pm and fish are eating on top.

Wild Trout are plentiful and the river is full of them. Check out the picture below from the last 2 days.

The Wild Trout Section is open and has been fishing excellent. Catch and Release fishing restrictions are in effect in this section. No Bait!

Kern River Fy Fishing Report from the Professional Guides at Kern River Fly Shop 11-18-20

Check out the video river report from yesterday from guide Rob Buhler!

Fly Tying with Rob Buhler

Cocoons with Ryan Buhler

Guy Jeans catches fish one handed while filming with the other. Dry Dropper Technique!

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Kern River Fly Fishing Report November 16, 2020 Fishing Reports from the Kern River Fly Shop Guides

Dane Varner with a Kern River Rainbow on Thursday.

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Kern River Fly Fishing Reports

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Kern River Fly Fishing Report Quick Free Report! November 11, 2020 “Your source of pro information from Guides who are on the river everyday”.

The upper Kern continues to fish ok with water temps dropping into the low 40’s this week with the cooler weather. Flows are at 138 CFS Guides Ryan and Rob Buhler and Paul Fuller and have been fishing and guiding almost everyday and producing some nice rainbows with clients in the 20 mile section of the upper Kern. The river is clear and we are seeing some top water action for Caddis around 2 pm. Stop by the shop for more details or become a “Premium Member” with video reports, casting videos and entomology/fly information. Check out these pics from the last few days!

Kern River Fly Fishing

Wild Trout Epic!

Upcoming Schools and Clinics

Nymphing Clinic /November 14/ Kernville 8am to 2pm

Casting Clinic /November 15 / Kernville/ 9am to 11am


Beginner Fly Fishing Clinic #1 /November 28/ Kernville/ 8am to 12pm

Beginner Fly Fishing Clinic #2 / November 29 / Kernville /8am to 12pm

Fly Tying Class w/ The Buhler Bros Saturday November 28,2020 / Kernville 2pm to 4 pm

Intro to Fly Fishing the Surf / November 28 / Morro Bay / 8am to 11am

Private Guided Fly Fishing the Surf /November 24, 25, 29/ Morro Bay

Beginner Fly Fishing Clinic #1 /December 5 / Kernville/ 8am to 12pm

Beginner Fly Fishing Clinic #2 / December 6 / Kernville /8am to 12pm

Casting Clinic / December 12 / Bakersfield / 9am to 11am

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Kern River Fly Fishing Report-Quick Report November 2, 2020

Guides Report by Ryan Buhler:

With the dropping water temps we have started concentrating on pocket water from River Kern up to Mcnally’s. Above there, the water temps have been in the mid 40’s and the action has slowed down, but all techniques have been getting fish. Mayflies(Epeorus and Blue Wing Olives) are getting grabs more and there seems to be less stonefly action. Midge and caddis are also on the menu as we get farther into fall. Small mayflies size 18 to 22 and zebra midges size 16 to 20 have been most popular.Fish those in a tandem rig with a big stonefly. Big fish love a big meal and at times that big stonefly can provide that. Find the best water temps and you will find the most active fish.┬áRyan

Wild fish are doing well and the reproduction of wild fish is doing well. Most of the guides are catching wild fish on their trips.

“Premium Members Report” will be up in a few days with new Buhler Bros Fly Tying videos also Guy Jeans’ New Casting Videos Series and video reports.

Kern River Fly Fishing Report October 31, 2020 Happy Halloween

20 Mile Section

Kern River Fly Fishing Report: Anglers coming in to the shop the last few days have been giving different reports for the 20 Mile Section. Some folks are doing very well and some are only catching a few. More folks are doing well than not. Hatches are sporadic and if some anglers are lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time, they may catch a great hatch of BWO’s. If you’re focused on hatchery trout and only trying to catch the easy hatchery trout, you will not do well. If you focus fishing in heavily fished areas that you normally catch a lot of fish, you will not do well. It’s time to think outside the box and adventure into areas you normally don’t fish this time of year. Wild fish are abundant in the 20 mile section and stepping up your European nymphing game will get you more fish than most.

Flies to use this time of year:

Albino Midge, Coffee Cup Stone, Kern Emerger, Tungsten Yellow Sallie Nymph

Special Regulations Section is fishing excellent according to the many fly anglers venturing in there.

Kern River Fly Fishing Report October 20, 2020 “Premium Members” Report

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