Buhler Bros. Fishing the Kern with Streamers

This is an unedited video that the Buhler Bros used to take excerpts from for their Trophy Trout Streamer Presentation. It shows how they approach and fish an average run on the Kern and is fun to watch just to pass some time, but if you take a closer look you may be able to pick up some tips to help you out the next time you want to go to the dark side and tye on some meat. Notice how Rob fishes the water closest to the shore first before he extends his cast and steps into the water. Each cast is started with an upstream roll cast to pick up the sinking tip line and weighted streamer to get them on top of the water instead of dragging underneath, then he checks his backcast for clearance and fires away a longer cast. When casting further across the stream he is water loading on his first cast(having the fly land on the water before starting the backcast) and shooting on his second cast, followed by a large upstream mend to allow the flies to drop into the fishy zone. The water temps were ideal on this day so Rob is using 6-8″ strips to manipulate his fly as it swings through he run. When a fish takes, Rob uses a “strip set”, pulling two to three feet of line in to set the hook instead of raising the rod tip. If the grab was a short strike, this would keep the fly in the fishy zone and allow for another potential eat. Once tight to the fish, quick strips of line are taken in to gain more control, then the fish is put on the reel to bring to the net. If strong tippet is used, it is not necessary to over play and exhaust a fish, so you can quickly net and return your fish safely.Fish on!!

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