Buhler Bro’s Beginning Fly Tying Series with Rob and Ryan Buhler

This is a sample of the “Buhler Brothers Fly Tying Video Series” and what they are like on the paid “Premium Members” site. We thought we would give everyone at home during these difficult times a couple of free videos to pass the time and maybe learn how to tie flies from a couple of the industry experts. The first video from Ryan Buhler is grass roots beginning fly tying at its best. The second video from Rob Buhler, is how to tie a basic Zebra Midge. A fly that catches trout all over the world. Dust off that vice and let’s have some fun. Enjoy!

Kern River Fly Fishing Report April 8, 2020

Hello Fellow Anglers and Friends,

I thought I’d post a short older scenery video of the upper Kern to keep you stoked while we all stay in our communities at this time.

I hope you are staying safe and healthy through these difficult times. The current state of the Kern River Valley area is that most residents are hunkering down and staying home with their families. It’s been difficult for all families with the closure of all schools and most businesses. The hardest hit are the small businesses including myself. The guide service has been closed down since March 12th and the retail fly shop in Kernville closed it’s doors around the same time. The Kern River “Online” Fly Shop has remained opened and we are still shipping packages everyday. I want to thank each and every one of you that has a made a purchase online recently. The shop is surviving because of you, so thank you very much. I am beyond grateful for the support and I encourage everyone to support your local fly shop, guide service or small business wherever you live. Buy a gift certificate or some item online that you can use later. They will appreciate it.

We are still getting calls, texts and emails at the shop inquiring about guiding on the river at this time. This is usually one of our busiest times up here for guiding and we are usually booked solid and the fly shop is always rockin. Unfortunately, during this difficult time, we are encouraging anglers and friends to stay home as to not to spread the virus to our small community up here in the mountains. We do not have the facilities nor the work force to handle the virus spreading in this small community. We are hoping to see this pandemic end soon, so we can all get out on the river asap. If we all do our part and stay home and in our local area, this will end a lot faster. It seems it’s really hard for some folks to understand this.

Snow pack is increasing.

With the current storms we are seeing more snow in the high country which is excellent news for all our small stream enthusiasts and all the Kern River anglers. The white water folks are thanking the heavens as well. We got dumped on yesterday and waking up this morning to snow covered mountains was awesome. When the snowpack is good and the river is healthy – the Kern River Valley is happy.

Snowing in Kernville yesterday.

Keeping the Stoke Alive

Here are a couple of older videos below. The first one is of a common technique used on the upper Kern River while fly fishing.

The second video is of stack mending with multiple currents. By the time this Virus thing ends , the river will look very similar to the second video.

Stack Mending


We would like to thank everybody for supporting the “Premium Reports” and the “Kern River Online Fly Shop ” during this very difficult time. If it wasn’t for you and your support, we would be in a much more difficult situation. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!

For the time being, we are asking everyone to not come up to the Kern River until this Virus issue goes away. Many folks are still calling the shop and asking how the fishing is without considering the spreading of the virus. We understand that you want to fish and camp and are going crazy staying at home. Please, for the sake of helping end this virus, please stay home. We are still seeing people from out of town coming into Kernville and not considering the locals and their health.

This has nothing to do with localism, your constitutional rights, where you are from or freedom etc.. We want nothing more than for you to come up and enjoy the river and the area, just not right now. Please understand. Everyone from the Kern River Valley thanks you! We all look forward to seeing you real soon.

For now, we will be putting up reports from the river as well as a “Beginning Fly Tying Video Series” from the Buhler Brothers and a ” Beginner to Advanced Fly Casting Video Series” from Guy Jeans only on the “Premium Members Reports”.

Buhler Bros. Fishing the Kern with Streamers

This is an unedited video that the Buhler Bros used to take excerpts from for their Trophy Trout Streamer Presentation. It shows how they approach and fish an average run on the Kern and is fun to watch just to pass some time, but if you take a closer look you may be able to pick up some tips to help you out the next time you want to go to the dark side and tye on some meat. Notice how Rob fishes the water closest to the shore first before he extends his cast and steps into the water. Each cast is started with an upstream roll cast to pick up the sinking tip line and weighted streamer to get them on top of the water instead of dragging underneath, then he checks his backcast for clearance and fires away a longer cast. When casting further across the stream he is water loading on his first cast(having the fly land on the water before starting the backcast) and shooting on his second cast, followed by a large upstream mend to allow the flies to drop into the fishy zone. The water temps were ideal on this day so Rob is using 6-8″ strips to manipulate his fly as it swings through he run. When a fish takes, Rob uses a “strip set”, pulling two to three feet of line in to set the hook instead of raising the rod tip. If the grab was a short strike, this would keep the fly in the fishy zone and allow for another potential eat. Once tight to the fish, quick strips of line are taken in to gain more control, then the fish is put on the reel to bring to the net. If strong tippet is used, it is not necessary to over play and exhaust a fish, so you can quickly net and return your fish safely.Fish on!!