20 Mile Section

Kern River Fly Fishing Report: Anglers coming in to the shop the last few days have been giving different reports for the 20 Mile Section. Some folks are doing very well and some are only catching a few. More folks are doing well than not. Hatches are sporadic and if some anglers are lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time, they may catch a great hatch of BWO’s. If you’re focused on hatchery trout and only trying to catch the easy hatchery trout, you will not do well. If you focus fishing in heavily fished areas that you normally catch a lot of fish, you will not do well. It’s time to think outside the box and adventure into areas you normally don’t fish this time of year. Wild fish are abundant in the 20 mile section and stepping up your European nymphing game will get you more fish than most.

Flies to use this time of year:

Albino Midge, Coffee Cup Stone, Kern Emerger, Tungsten Yellow Sallie Nymph https://kernriverflyshop.com/t/flies

Special Regulations Section is fishing excellent according to the many fly anglers venturing in there.