Guides Report by Ryan Buhler:

With the dropping water temps we have started concentrating on pocket water from River Kern up to Mcnally’s. Above there, the water temps have been in the mid 40’s and the action has slowed down, but all techniques have been getting fish. Mayflies(Epeorus and Blue Wing Olives) are getting grabs more and there seems to be less stonefly action. Midge and caddis are also on the menu as we get farther into fall. Small mayflies size 18 to 22 and zebra midges size 16 to 20 have been most popular.Fish those in a tandem rig with a big stonefly. Big fish love a big meal and at times that big stonefly can provide that. Find the best water temps and you will find the most active fish.┬áRyan

Wild fish are doing well and the reproduction of wild fish is doing well. Most of the guides are catching wild fish on their trips.

“Premium Members Report” will be up in a few days with new Buhler Bros Fly Tying videos also Guy Jeans’ New Casting Videos Series and video reports.