Kern River/ Lower Owens River Report 2-8-21 from the Kern River Fly Shop Pros

Caught on the Upper Kern yesterday!
Guide Dan Housh releases a nice rainbow on the upper Kern yesterday.
Rob Buhler 02/08/2021

Kern River: 
The weather has stabilized, and we are seeing steady action midday fishing with attractor nymphs and some of the standard winners too! Fly selection is pretty much the same and we are catching recently stocked fish mixed with a few wild and holdover trout as well.

Nymphs: Blue Blood Midge #16-20, Red Holo Midge #16, Zebra Midges #16-20, Soft Hackle and Flashback PT’s #14-18, Drag Queen #14-16, Pink, Peacock and Orange Frenchies #14-18, Olive/Orange Perdigon #14, Tungsten Jig Fire Perdigon #14, Tungsten Jig TNT Baetis #14, Tungsten Yellow Sally Stones #12-14, Birds Nest #12

Dries: #14-22 Parachute Adams, #22-26 Brooks Sprout Baetis

Streamers: #8-12 White or Olive Tungsten Wooly Buggers, Micro Finesse and Finesse Game Changers in White, Tan and Olive/Tan

Guide tip: Bump up your tippet size and swing streamers in the deeper pools if the bite is slowA longtime guide secret fly of mine, “Blue Blood Midge” is now in stock at the shop and will be online soon! 

Lower Owens River:
Fishing has been excellent with consistent weather. Two client groups are getting 20-40 wild browns on most 1/2 day trips, sometimes more outside of storm periods. Perdigons, Peacock Frenchie #18, Red Holo Midges #16, Rusty Albino #16, Blue Blood Midge #16 have been very consistent lately.
Nymphs:  Olive/Orange Perdigon #14, Soft Hackle and Flashback PT’s #14-18, Pink, Peacock and Orange Frenchies #14-18, Tungsten Jig Quill Body Baetis #14, #16-20 Purple, Red and Black Holo Midges, #16 Rusty Albino, Tungsten Jig PT Red Tie #14-18, WD-40 #16-22

Dries: Cripple Baetis #16-18, Parachute Adams #14-20, Griffith’s Gnat #16-20, Cluster Midge #16-20, Brooks Sprout Baetis #22-26, Missing Link #16-18

Streamers: Olive Wooly Bugger #12, Micro Finesse Game Changer White and Tan

Guide Tip: We have been fishing only 4 or 5 nymphs but they are keying in on different ones from day to day. If they aren’t eating the Olive/Orange Perdigon and Albino midges then switch it up until you find what they are keying on.
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