Kern River Fly Fishing and Owens River Fly Fishing Report January 21, 2021

Kern River Fly Fishing Report ! What’s Happening!

We just got a great storm that is hitting our area today. Kernville has snow and the higher elevations are getting a snow pack. With the burns scar near the Forks an issue for runoff, this snow pack is very welcome. Now all we need is a slow melt in the spring and no warm rains in the near future. Let’s cross our fingers! We continue to guide on the Owens river through the winter and are having great success doing so. Check out the reports below.

The Kern River continues to produce and we are getting fish in the 20 Mile Section. To book a trip please go to our online booking reservation site and book your trip. Let us know if you would like to fish the Kern River , the Owens River or the California Surf.

Upper Kern January 25, 2021

Guide Rob Buhler- 01/25/2021 Kern River Fly Fishing Report: 

The wonderful weather came and went and some much welcome snow is finally falling as I type! Sweet!!! Ryan and I just got off the water and the fish are still biting!! Super Sweet!!! Pink is still good, but the holdover stocked fish are starting to eat more naturals too, so the Perdigons and Stoneflies are getting some as well. Nymphs: Soft Hackle and Flashback PT’s #14-18, Drag Queen #14-16, Pink, Peacock and Orange Frenchies #14-18, Olive/Orange Perdigon #14, Tungsten Jig Fire Perdigon #14, Tungsten Jig TNT Baetis #14, Tungsten Yellow Sally Stones #12-14, Birds Nest #12 Dries: #14-22 Parachute Adams, #22-26 Brooks Sprout Baetis Streamers: #8-12 White or Olive Tungsten Wooly Buggers, Micro Finesse and Finesse Game Changers in White, Tan and Olive/Tan

Guide tip: Bump up your tippet size and swing streamers in the deeper pools if the bite is slow.

Kern River Fly Shop Pro: Sergio Martinez

Fished on Saturday for a few hours and was able to get into a few fish. Definitely stockers, but fish nevertheless. 

I used pink Frenchy as an attractor and a small size 20 bhshpt. Catching on the pink frenchy. 

Pro tip
Keep your eye on your indicator. Especially with cooler temps, takes may not be as pronounced as in other times of the year; very subtle takes on Saturday. 
Especially if euro nympging, watch for any change on your line and keep a tight drift. 
Sergio M

Fly Fishing the Lower Kern

Owens River Report

Guide Rob Buhler:

Fly Fishing the Lower Owens River: Fishing has been steady with consistent weather. Perdigons, Peacock Frenchie #18, Red Holo Midges #16, Rusty Albino #16 have been very consistent lately.Nymphs:  Olive/Orange Perdigon #14, Soft Hackle and Flashback PT’s #14-18, Pink, Peacock and Orange Frenchies #14-18, Tungsten Jig Quill Body Baetis #14, #16-20 Purple, Red and Black Holo Midges, #16 Rusty Albino, Tungsten Jig PT Red Tie #14-18, WD-40 #16-22
Dries: Cripple Baetis #16-18, Parachute Adams #14-20, Griffith’s Gnat #16-20, Cluster Midge #16-20, Brooks Sprout Baetis #22-26, Missing Link #16-18
Streamers: Olive Wooly Bugger #12, Micro Finesse Game Changer White and Tan

Guide Tip:  Midday Blue Wing (baetis) hatches have been sporadic on most days. Check the next couple runs up or down river to find rising fish or just stick to nymphing.

Lower Owens
Lower Owens
Lower Owens

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